There was a time in the not too distant past when enjoying a game of poker meant either heading to a casino or perhaps arranging an evening in with a group of friends and a pack of cards. While this was a great way to enjoy some entertainment and fun, it wasn’t always convenient or affordable for those who wanted to enjoy this popular game.

Fortunately, over recent years our move into the digital age has revolutionised the way we enjoy various forms of entertainment and this includes playing poker. Online poker has become increasingly popular amongst people of many different ages and from a wide range of backgrounds. There are now many excellent websites that are dedicated to online poker and for fans of this game this has provided the ability to play with others from around the world without even having to leave the house.

While free online poker was being played online in the late 90s, it was in 1998 that real money poker started being offered online. The first real money poker games were offered online by Planet Poker. Since that time, more and more poker sites have sprung up on the internet, with poker fans now enjoying a huge choice due to the impressive rise of online poker.

The key benefits of playing poker online

Playing online poker offers a variety of key benefits for poker players to enjoy. The first is the total convenience that comes with online play, as you can fit your gaming in around your work, family and other commitments. It also means that you can play from the comfort and privacy of home, so no need to get ready, head out in all weathers and put up with traffic or public transport to reach a casino.

Another key benefit is affordability. Online poker sites are able to offer far cheaper gaming than bricks and mortar casinos because of their much lower overheads. This makes the game more accessible and more affordable to the average consumer, which has further helped to boost the popularity of online poker.

Choose from an array of online poker sites

With many of the top online poker sites available to them, UK poker players have the choice of a diverse range of online poker sites. In fact, the number of online poker sites available in the UK is so numerous that is often difficult to choose between the options.

It is important to select an online poker site that offers you the largest benefit and is best suited to your preferred poker games. If you are making your first deposit at an online poker site, all of the best online poker sites will offer you a new player poker welcome bonus. This will enable you to win some free money in bonuses. However, the variation in bonuses between the poker sites, and the speed at which these bonuses can be earned differs so dramatically that it is very useful to get some guidance.

Which Poker Site offers such a guidance through a comparison of the top online poker sites. It provides a comparison between the online poker sites on a range of criteria including;