The February 2018 PartyPoker Software Update

PartyPoker has updated its online poker software again this month, following a previous update in December 2017. However, this month’s update of the Partypoker software seems to have taken much more of an overhaul, with a completely new design of online poker tables:

Whats been updated?

A new oval table

The biggest change in the PartyPoker software is the new oval table design. The below image shows the new default poker table look in the software:

New PartyPoker software table design

The previous default PartyPoker table design was a racetrack view, which can be seen below.

PartyPoker  software - old table design

Often people are not great fans of change, so thankfully PartyPoker has kept the old table design as an option in the software.

To change back to this previous deign, click the settings icon in the top right of the PartyPoker software lobby, click on “Themes” from the menu displayed, select the image of the old table design and then save changes.

Modernization of the player plates

The player plates, which display each opponent on a poker table, have been updated to improve the clarity of player screen names and number of chips:

PartyPoker software update - player plates

In addition, there is now an option to change how hole cards are displayed in player plates. Hole cards can be set so they are displayed side-by-side, rather than overlapped. This makes them easier to read and distinguish.

Improved player notes

Player notes which have been recorded about opponents can now be viewed simply by hovering over the alias on their player plate. There is no need to actually click into the player notes anymore.

In addition, in the player note edit screen, there is now the ability to assign a colour to opponents’ player plates. This is helpful as players may want to colour code their opponents according to playing style. For example, you might want to colour all loose players in blue and all passive players in red.

New card decks

To make the table view more aesthetically pleasing, the are now more design card deck choices in PartyPoker settings.

In the “Theme” tab of the settings page, there is the option to select from classic, inverted or modern styles of card deck. Then, for each style of card deck, there are 4-colour and standard deck variants available.

Partypoker card decks software update

Are there more changes to come?

PartyPoker has frequently been making software upgrades. Their website specifies there are more updates to come soon, including:

  • A full-screen table
  • An option to display the big blind count
  • Bubble chat

To find more out about Partypoker, visit our Partypoker review page.