Phil Ivey

This man would probably top the list of both the most successful live and the most successful online poker players!

Phil Ivey

If we were to exclude the recent arrival of the $1,000,000 buy-in event at the World Series of Poker, Ivey would be top of the all time live poker winnings list with over $23 million.

He does however stand at the top of the online all time winnings list with over $19.2 million.

As well as having second homes in exotic places, including Cabo, Ivey enjoys the fruits of success in numerous ways when not playing poker. He takes golf quite seriously, and plays for thousands of dollars per hole against other poker pros.

He also indulges in casino games often, with Baccarat and dice being among his favourites. Fine wines, the occasional cigar, and watching sports (while betting on sports) on a huge flat screen television, are all favourite ways to unwind for the king of poker.

Viktor Blom

It would be impossible to mention successful online poker and not mention the man behind the ‘Isildur1’ screen name. Before he had even turned 20 he had run bankrolls from a few thousand, up to a few hundred thousand, and lost it all.

When he finally managed to rebuild and breached the $1.5 million mark, he started sitting at Full Tilt Poker at the very highest stakes, waiting for action, and multi tabling against Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, and Patrick Antonius simultaneously. He was hyper aggressive, fearless, and to this day, every single one of the ten largest pots played in online history, involve him.

In addition, the bankroll swings incurred during this time are thought to be the biggest ever known, as he won $4 million from Tom Dwan in a week, before losing $4 million to Brian Hastings in a single day.

Little is known of his private life, and his limited English language has meant that he has done very few interviews, adding to his reputation as an enigmatic figure in the online world.

Phil Galfond

This list wouldn’t be complete without Phil Galfond, the poker player who is known for having a giant slide built on the side of his apartment!

Phil Galfond

Presumably, stairs didn’t offer the required amount of fun. Galfond has over $7 million in online winnings, is an instructor at Blue Fire Poker, and one of the most respected and well liked players in the online world.

Phil Galfond has a lifestyle that isn’t hedonistic by any stretch. He recently got engaged, and sadly no longer lives in the apartment with the slide. Even poker pros have to grow up eventually it seems.

Phil Galfon slide