The Easiest Poker Bonuses

Compare the Fastest Clearing Poker Bonuses

Poker bonuses can be very difficult to earn. People are frequently attracted a new poker site because of the large bonus offered, only later to find out they could only release a small part it. Poker sites vary drastically in how quickly players can earn the poker welcome bonus. It all depends on how quickly players can earn poker points, and the number of poker points required for the bonus. This is complicated, so we have listed the fastest clearing poker bonuses in the table below.

Poker Site
Bonus paid per £1 of rake
Play Now
Number One
Sky Poker Welcome Bonus
Poker Bonus Code: POKER
Sky Poker Sign Up Bonus

Ladbrokes Poker Welcome Bonus
No poker bonus code needed
Ladbrokes Poker Bonus
Paddy Power Poker Bonus
Bonus Code: WHICHPKR
Paddy Power Poker Welcome Bonus
NetBet Poker Bonus
Poker Bonus Code: which
NetBet Welcome Bonus
Everest Poker Logo
No poker bonus code needed
Everest Poker Bonus
PokerStars Sign Up Bonus
Marketing code: psp21074
Poker bonus code: STARS400
PokerStars first deposit bonus

Full Tilt Poker Bonus
Marketing code: psp21074
Poker bonus code: STARS400
Full Tilt Poker Bonus
PKR First Deposit Bonus
Bonus Code: 200PKR
PKR Bonus
888 Poker Welcome Bonus
No poker bonus code needed
888 Poker New Player Bonus
Betfair Poker First Deposit Bonus
No poker bonus code needed
Betfair Poker Sign Up Bonus

Fastest Earning Poker Bonuses 2017

Who is eligible for these poker bonuses?

Each of the poker sites in the above table offer their poker bonuses to new players, who have not previously registered at the poker site.

New poker players will qualify for a poker bonus once they have made a real-money deposit at the poker site.

How do new players earn their poker bonus?

New players can earn their welcome bonus, from the poker sites in the above table, by generating the required amount of poker points.

Poker points can be earned when a player contributes rake to the poker site, through playing real-money cash games and tournaments.

What is rake in online poker

Rake is essentially the money that the poker site takes as earnings. It is taken during real-money poker cash games and tournaments, but differently for both:

  • In cash games rake is taken every time a poker player makes a bet into a hand. Usually, for most poker sites, around 5% of each bet amount is retained by the poker site as rake.
  • In poker tournaments rake is taken as a percentage of the tournament buy-in fee. For most poker sites, 10% of the tournament cost is added to the fee as rake. For example, a tournament may be classified as a £5 + £0.50 tournament at an online poker site. This means that £5 goes into the tournament prize fund, and the £0.50 is charged rake.

What does bonus paid per £1 rake mean?

Players will earn a specified number of poker points for each pound, dollar or euro they contribute in rake. The poker sites will then release chunks of a player’s welcome bonus once they have earned a certain number of points.

As such, there is a relationship between the rake contribute to the poker site, and the rate at which the player receives their welcome bonus.

In the above table, we have shown this relationship by showing how much of the new player poker bonus will be released for each pound, dollar or euro contributed in rake.

How has bonus paid per £1 rake been calculated?

This may all be getting a bit confusing, as it is a hard concept to grasp. That’s why we’ve given you an example below using Sky Poker to help you understand.

In calculating the bonus paid per £1 of rake, for all poker sites on this page, we have compared them based on the amount of points earned for rake in poker tournaments only (not cash games). Therefore, specifically for Sky Poker, according to their website:

  • Players will earn 10 Poker Points for every £1 paid in entrance fees for poker tournaments.
  • £10 of the Sky Poker Bonus is be released for every 250 poker points that earned.

Hence, by doing some math on the second point, £1 of the Sky Poker bonus is generated for every 25 poker points earned.

This means that for contributing £1 in tournament rake, players at Sky Poker will earn 10/25 of their bonus with Sky Poker, or £0.40.