Top 10 UK Poker Sites 2017

Compare the Best Online Poker Sites strives to provide an independent opinion of the UK’s best online poker sites. We do this through testing, comparing and reviewing a range of the top poker sites. In addition, we are keen to hear about your experiences with them. In fact, the rankings in the top 10 UK poker sites 2017 table below is based upon your votes. We would appreciate your views, so please submit your vote!
Poker Site
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Best Online Poker Sites

There are tens, if not hundreds, of online poker rooms available to UK poker players. Identifying the best online poker site can be a difficult task, both for new and existing poker players. Our poker comparison pages are there to help you choose the poker site that is best for you. As well as comparing online poker sites, we also provide detailed poker reviews. All poker sites listed within our poker comparison pages have their own detailed review page. These poker review pages provide information around the following areas:

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Many of the best online poker sites differ in how you can deposit your funds, or withdraw your poker winnings. Whilst most reputable online poker sites offer a range of free withdrawal methods, some poker sites will charge you for withdrawals and offer a limited number of withdrawal options. As such, we would recommend checking the deposit and withdrawal methods before you register at a poker site. Find a poker site that offers withdrawal methods that you trust, or already use. We would recommend using poker sites that offer popular e-wallet deposit and withdrawals, such as PayPal.

Poker game variations

There are many different variations of poker, the most popular variety being Texas Hold’em. Some poker websites are more focused on particular variations of poker than others. You should ensure that you choose a poker site that is popular in your preferred variety of poker.


If a poker site has lots of players, it is known as having high player traffic. It is important that you select a poker site that has at least reasonable levels of player traffic. Having high levels of player traffic means that you will be able to find plenty of opponents to play against. Having to wait for others to join poker tables can be extremely frustrating. In addition, popular poker sites also generally offer better poker tournaments with larger prize pools. They can offer enable you to win life changing sums of money for a nominal fee. Furthermore, with more players at a poker site, there are more fish or weak poker players. This could give you a better chance of making more money! To find the poker sites with the highest traffic in the UK check out our biggest online poker site comparison page which reviews each poker site by market share.

Poker software

It is very important that you select a poker site that has good graphics and uses a reliable system. If you are playing poker for long periods you would definitely prefer a site that maintains your interest and focus. A poker site that is smooth running and aesthetically pleasing will heighten your attention. In terms of reliability, there is nothing more frustrating than a poker site that freezes or frequently loses connection. Unreliability is especially annoying in the closing stages of a poker tournament! Visit our poker review pages to find information on the software of each poker site.

Poker welcome bonus

All online poker sites offer different new player welcome bonuses. It is important that you do not just judge a poker welcome bonus on the size of the bonus offered. Of course poker bonus size is important, but there are also other factors that should be taken into account. These other include:
  • The speed at which you can earn poker points: Poker bonuses are earned by generating poker points. At each poker site you earn poker points by playing real-money poker hands. Different poker sites dish out different numbers of points for betting the same amount in real-money poker. This means that even though two poker sites may offer the same bonus in size, one poker bonus could be significantly better, because the other poker site enables you to earn poker points (and hence your bonus) faster.
  • The number of points required to fully clear your poker bonus: Online poker sites require you to earn a certain number of poker points before you earn your bonus in full. As such, an online poker site which requires a smaller number of total points to fully release your bonus will be preferable.
  • The number of days to expiry: New player poker bonuses range in their lengths of expiry from around 30 days to 180 days. To take full advantage of the poker bonus being offered, a higher number of days to expiry is better. More days until the expiry of the poker bonus will significantly increase your chances of being able to fully clear your poker bonus.
  • The increments in which your poker bonus is paid into your account: Poker sites vary in how your poker bonus is released to you. Some poker sites release your bonus in small increments, for example in $5 portions (once you have earned the required number of points). However, some poker sites may release your bonus in much larger increments. Generally, having your poker bonus released to you in smaller increments is more beneficial. This is because if your poker bonus does expire before you have earned it all, with smaller bonus payment increments you are less likely to lose out.
To help you with finding the best online poker bonus , we have two poker comparison pages that will help you:

Poker promotions

The best online poker sites often give new players more rewards than just a poker bonus. These rewards may be substantial and, as such, could sway your decision between two poker sites. A common perk for signing up on a poker site may be free entry into poker tournaments. In some cases these free tournaments can have substantial prize funds.

Poker tournaments

Poker tournaments are a key attraction to joining a particular poker site. The best online poker sites hold huge poker tournaments enabling you to win significant poker winnings from a very small buy-in. For example, at Pokerstars there are many chances to win over $1000 dollars for a buy-in of less than $5. Another area to consider in terms of poker tournaments is the opportunity to win seats to the world’s biggest real-life poker tournaments. This includes tickets to arguably the world’s biggest poker tournament, the World Series of Poker Main Event. In 2016 this tournament had total prize money of over $63 million!